These guys like Bikchandani of and many others strted with nothing much but dreams and see what empires they have build. And all by sheer hardwork and dreams thats it… It gets me to think if I am capable of a 8to 8 job or I am destined to something more. I am still figuring out!!
-Abhishek Srivastav ( Dipsite, a DCEite, IIM L and now a Deutsche Bank employee)

Definitely a recommended read for students, as once one of my teachers at my alma mater put it succinctly ‘acchi chhokri and achhi naukri is not the only goal in life for everyone’ (apologies to women reading this but it applies equally well the other way around).
- Tarun Dua (Web 2.0 Consultant)

Recd. it this morning and have forced myself to put it down lest i lose my job before I decide to quit :-). It reads like a thriller and for me is very timely…have finished nearly 1/2 of the book.Very well written, simple and straight as opposed to a ‘jargonised chip on shoulder MBA type read’ ; and the biggest take away for me is simply the grit ,determination and commitment to their beliefs that each of these guys has had to make this happen…
- Aarti,

I must compliment you for your book “Stay Hungry….Stay Foolish”! It’s a wonderful book for all those engaged in startups…and offer a ‘view changing’ thoughts from various entrepreneurs those have made it “Big”. I have shared this book details with some of my senior colleagues and most of them want to read it.
Naveen Luthra (PGP’94- IIMA)
Vice President and Business Head (

This is a great book. Makes for easy reading. It grows on you. I am sure a lot of people will pick up whatever appeals to them from the various people’s lives covered in the book. That is the beauty of the book. It gives a range of heroes from our everyday milieu. People we can identify with. Just that most of these people had the courage of conviction to practice that which all of us dream or idealise about every now and then.
– Krishnan Gopalkrishnan

Thanks ( I could not find a better way to start this).  The moment i read the first story i could not stop myself to read it further and I kept on reading and reading, in less than 24 Hours I finished the book , and started it again today… I was bittten by the Entrepreneurial bug long time ago and always wanted to make it big. This book answered all my question I have and also the answer for the question that I never had in my mind. I could feel the difference in myself!
- Aditya Chaudhary, Regional Manager in a training company

If you routinely look in the mirror each morning before heading off ‘to sell those soaps,’ Bansal wonders if you’d catch in it a glimpse… ‘a glimpse of your hungry and foolish true self.’ Imperative read.
- D Murali, The Hindu

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